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Getting to Know the 2023 CA Mathematics Framework is a Program

Getting to Know the 2023 CA Mathematics Framework


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Getting to Know the 2023 CA Mathematics Framework

Gain an appreciation for the coherence and interconnectedness of mathematical concepts. Understand how connecting big ideas in the classroom supports student reasoning and mastery of mathematics. Embrace the importance of open tasks Connect to the Five Components: 1) Plan teaching around big ideas; 2) Use open, engaging tasks; 3) Teach toward social justice; 4) Invite student questions and conjectures; 5) Prioritize reasoning and justification. Engage in robust discourse, students make conjectures, justify their reasoning, and use strategies that are flexible, efficient, and accurate to solve problems in mathematics. Use math talks and open tasks to build conceptual understanding, strategic reasoning, and problem solving. Engender collaborative problems solving through dynamic and inquiry-driven approaches to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and a deep understanding Explore the Driver’s of Investigation, Standards of Mathematical Practice and Content Connectors with meaningful investigations and connections. Analyze the intersection and importance of data literacy and its impact on developing mathematical understanding. Examine strategies to empower students to interpret, analyze, and apply mathematical concepts in real-world contexts.


Session Information:


02/28/2024 | 03/13/2024 | 03/20/2024 | 03/27/2024 | 04/03/2024

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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Registration Deadline: 2/26/2024