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UPK Leadership Network



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UPK Leadership Network

Focus – TK School Readiness – Preparing Your School Site for Young TK Children In the 25-26 school year, children who will have their fourth birthday by September 1st of the school year will be eligible for TK. Are you ready? In the network meetings, we have created microlearning sessions which deliver “bite size” chunks of content. The microlearning content will be centered around topics such as brain development in young children, classroom environment, curriculum, assessment, behaviors, and more.


Session Information:

09/10/2024 | 10/08/2024 | 11/12/2024 | 12/10/2024 | 01/14/2025 | 02/11/2025 | 03/11/2025 | 04/08/2025 | 05/13/2025

9:00 am - 10:30 am


California School Leadership Academy (21 CSLA)

Registration Link: Click Here

Informational Flyer: Click Here

Registration Deadline: 5/13/2025