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Leveraging Trust as an Equity Leader


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Water is a vital substance that sustains all life. When it is present, everything flourishes and grows. When it is absent, everything withers and dies. The same is true for trust. When trust is absent, relationships decay, initiatives fail, employees underperform, students fail to achieve their potential, and work grinds to a halt. Like a ripple in a pond, trust begins with the leader. This professional development session helps leaders increase their personal credibility, and apply scientific behaviors that build trust, and learn to engage in a manner that inspires people. Participants will: • Build their own case for trust • Increase personal credibility • Practice behaviors that inspire trust • Align your team with principles of trust • Improve the reputation of your team • Apply strategies through an equity lens Activities include: • Developing a Leadership Accountability Plan • Assessing the credibility status of your organization • Practicing coaching conversations during role-playing • Engaging in feedback sessions with other participants


Session Information:

11/05/2024 | 11/07/2024 | 12/12/2024 | 01/30/2025

8:30 am - 3:30 pm


California School Leadership Academy (21 CSLA) Unit

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Registration Deadline: 03/06/2025