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Let's Talk About Race is a Program

Let's Talk About Race


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Full program description

Let's Talk About Race

Join colleagues in a community of practice book study empowering leaders with the skills

necessary to have transformative conversations about race, allyship, and cultural

proficiency. Utilizing Let's Talk About Race by Nancy A. Dome and So You Want to Talk

About Race by Ijeoma Oluo, this series gives leaders a space to work through cultural

challenges in their educational organizations and provides practical tools to improve

outcomes for all students.

Week 1: Introduction and Understanding Racism

Week 2: The Power of Words: Language and Terminology

Week 3: Microaggressions and Everyday Racism

Week 4: Compassion and Dialogue

Week 5: Cultural Appropriation and Stereotyping

Week 6: Communicating in the Context of Racial Disparities

Week 7: Intersectionality: Race, Gender, and Identity

Week 8: Intrapersonal Dialogue

Week 9: Healing and Self-Care

Week 10: Interpersonal Dialogue

Week 11: Allyship and Solidarity

Week 12: Reflection and Planning Ahead

Session Information:  

3:00pm - 4:00 pm (via Zoom)

01/11/2024 | 01/18/2024 | 02/01/2024 | 02/08/2024 | 02/15/2024 | 02/29/2024 | 03/07/2024 | 03/21/2024 | 03/28/2024 | 04/04/2024 | 04/18/2024 | 04/25/2024

California School Leadership Academy (21 CSLA)

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