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Principals as early learning leaders

Becoming Effective and Equitable Early Childhood Leaders



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Becoming Effective and Equitable Early Childhood Leaders

Join 21CSLA for a transformative professional development journey through our book study of, Principals as Early Learning Leaders: Effectively supporting Our Youngest Learners. Kick-start the experience with an in-person event and continue with 6 insightful virtual micro- learning sessions. Dr. Julie Nicholson, the lead author, will go over California’s new UPK Initiative and its implication for school and districts across Los Angeles County. Participants will delve into how preschool children learn and identify what constitutes high quality developmentally informed early childhood classrooms. Through a rich array of photos, videos, and authentic classroom examples, paired with the latest research, Dr. Nicholson will cover critical topics. 

Session Information:

Live PD In Person

9/10/2024 8:30am - 3:00pm

Virtual Sessions: 9:00 am – 10:00 am

9/26/2024 | 10/10/ 2024 | 10/24/2024 | 11/7/2024 | 11/21/2024 | 12/5/2024

California School Leadership Academy (21 CSLA)

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Registration Deadline: 09/03/2024